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a frenetic action-puzzle "shoot 'em up" combined with a very powerful level editor that offers Unlimited Gameplay in VR.

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Hyperstacks is a VR Sandbox game packed with powerful level-editing capabilities, arcade music, and reallly charismatic campaigns!

In Hyperstacks you can be both a player and a creator!

As a creator your goal is to make amazing levels for other players, get fun with the level editor and creating unique and incredible things

as fantastic colored levels, incredible battles, 99% imposible runs,

automatic levels, complex systems, someone even made a calculator!

As a player, playing creator's levels is what you will be doing!

Fight against pink robots, climb walls, solve puzzles, dodge traps, race agains others, get in the top players list for each level

Enjoy community created content and interact with other players!

That is Hyperstacks!



Every time there is a new content update

it comes as a campaign extension

so you can play with the new aditions,

interact with the npcs and defeat new bosses

Level editor

Create deadly levels,

use our "Green-Link" Systems to create awesome automated things,

perhaps you want to express yourself artistically,

or maybe you like to make other players feels the danger with lots of traps

Get in to the creators top lists and get recognised as a level creator with fancy rewards

A Wide range of things to do

Crush your foes with your own combat style!

Climb, bounce, grind, dash, do parkour

solve puzzles, enjoy creations


me as a developer still disovering awesome things i didnt expected

Epic bosses

as said before, each campaign comes with a different boss that you will have to defeat in order to unlock new items and acces to other levels

These bosses and more unlocked things will be exposed in the "BIG MUSEUM"

when you meet the museum keeper!


ahh yes the favourite feature of many

what if you want to make a level with a friend

who tests the level in real time while youre editing it?

cooperate with your friends in the level editor to create cooperative maps

(what a beauty phrase)

challenge them in other levels, and join other players game