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a frenetic action-puzzle "shoot 'em up" combined with a very powerful level editor that offers Unlimited Gameplay in VR.

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About this game

Hyperstacks is a VR roguelite game packed with powerful level-editing capabilities.

Dive into a test chamber like reality where solving puzzles and crushing enemies is your goal!

Fight against foes, climb walls, solve puzzles and dodge shots!

Let loose your creative side and immerse yourself into our fully-fledged VR level editor!

Enjoy community created content and interact with other players!

That is Hyperstacks!


  • No Checkpoints - Classic Roguelite action! Dying means starting over!
  • Dying is fun - Every death rewards you in a special way.
  • Level editor - Create deadly levels in VR and interact with the community!
  • Community Based - Monthly-Featured levels, ideas and much more!
  • Melee and Ranged Combat - Crush your foes with your own combat style!
  • Full VR Movement - Move any direction even up or down.
  • Deadly traps - Just.. just don't touch anything pink.
  • Epic bosses - Fight against a great variety of bosses that will make your life a living hell.


How can I join the early access?


Just joining our discord and sending us an e-mail to so we can add you to the list of testers for the next test round!

Will the game be multiplayer?


YES! Thats is a must, but im worring about having a good solo experience first

Im a influencer and want to share a gameplay of the game


Just hit us at

Will mi pc run the game?


Dude! The game is made to be compatible with Oculus Quest. Of course it will work, as long as your computer is VR compatible and better than a smartphone.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Will be available for Oculus Quest?


Its compatible currently!

In fact, you can get it on Sidequest right now!